Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions
  • API End Suction Pumps packaged in 8-10 weeks
  • API Multisate Pumps packaged in 14-16 weeks
  • Faster custom deliveries for your specific project may also be available
  • OH2 – Makes the pump compliant with API 610, 12th
  • OH4 to OH3 (Adding a Bearing Bracket) – Makes the pump compliant with API 610, 12th
  • Between Bearing Pumps (BB1 and BB3) – Bearing Housing upgrades to eliminate the need for product cooling and replace with internal fan cooling.
Backend Pullout Upgrades

Do you have a pump that is starting to vibrate and lose efficiency, but cannot be taken offline because production must continue and the pump does not have an installed spare? PumpWorks may have a custom solution. In this situation, we may have a duplicate pump that can be remanufactured from our inventory. Once complete there is minimum downtime while the pumps are exchanged. Your pump can then be remanufactured as a warehouse spare or added to PumpWorks’ inventory for credit. This may also be a great time to perform a hydraulic rerate to dial your pump into the exact performance your process now requires.

Replace Exisiting Pump
Repurpose Decommissioned Equipement

You have a new project upcoming and several decommissioned/surplus pumps. Perhaps PumpWorks can remanufacture and rerate your existing pumps for the new project. If the pumps cannot be rerated to fit the new project, PumpWorks may be interested in purchasing them for our inventory. In this scenario, a credit equal to the surplus-value of your pumps may be applied towards the purchase of a remanufactured pump from our inventory.

PumpWorks will custom engineer the skid footprint and nozzle heights of a newly remanufactured pump to fit your current foundations and piping centerline heights. Truly a custom solution.

Install On Your Foundation

Does the project require changing one or several pumps at a station or at multiple stations on a line? PumpWorks may have an identical pump in inventory that can be remanufactured and rerated to match the new requirement. This pump can be exchanged for one of the existing pumps which could then be overhauled and rerated. This process can then be repeated down the line. At the end of the process, there will be an extra pump that can be rerated as warehouse spare or can be returned to PumpWorks inventory for credit. This will help eliminate downtime during project execution.

Reduced Downtime Rerates

Do you have an obsolete pump with no spares? PumpWorks can overhaul that pump and collect all the critical data to produce a full set of spares, drawings, and parts. Your pump can be returned to service on an expedited turnaround and PumpWorks can then manufacture anything you need including a complete spare rotating element.

 Spare Parts Solutions
Problem Solving

Everyone has a bad actor. That pump that does not perform to the curve, runs hot, vibrates, or continues to fail prematurely. Is it the pump? The operational parameters? The installation? Let PumpWorks test that pump with our motor on our fully automated and instrumented test stand as an unbiased third party. We can help you identify the source of the problem. If the problem is the pump, we can propose a repair, upgrade, or rerate while the pump is in our facility. If the problem is the installation, our field service team can provide a variety of solutions including field machining of your existing skid.