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Power Machinery, Inc.
Power Machinery, Inc.

A custom remanufactured pump solution provides you total flexibility in executing your project and can offer:

  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduces overall project cost
  • Custom hydraulics
  • Repurposing of equipment you already own

The difference between a remanufactured pump from PMI and a pump from an OEM – we start with existing castings. The purpose is to utilize the casing, impellers, and bearing housing that already exists in the pump. Everything else is newly machined, purchased or cast in-house at PumpWorks Castings.

All component used from the existing pump is meticulously inspected and machined back to OEM tolerances or better. All completed pump, just like any new API pump, are warranted and tested.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Hydraulic Rerates
  • Back End Pullout Upgrades to API 610 12th Edition
  • Replacement of an existing critical pump
  • Repurposing of your existing decommissioned equipment
  • Installing a newly remanufactured pump on your foundation
  • Reduced downtime rerates
  • Spare parts solutions
  • Problem Solving



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